The Complete Guide on How to Set Up an Art Gallery in the Metaverse!


The growth of the Metaverse, a virtual environment where reality and virtuality collide, is stretching the limits of gaming, art, and even business. As new platforms appear, innumerable new experiences utilizing augmented, virtual, and mixed-reality technology are becoming available. Space for art, artists, and collectors is represented by the art.

We give space for artists and collectors to show themselves, communicate ideas, and form communities through a variety of events we arrange for them. We provide space in the art and NFT space to other content producers and event planners.

For art enthusiasts, entering the metaverse means giving the art world a digital makeover.

With this new improvement, people may browse digital galleries and take in artwork online. The users can access the virtual gallery located in the metaverse to admire all dimensions.

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Previously, 3D graphics were created with the aid of programmes like Maya and ZBrush. However, classic artworks have also made their way online thanks to the developing blockchain technology. The NFT boom in 2021 caused changes in society.

The first 5000 days of Beeple’s Everydays are among the ten most valuable pieces of art, while other NFT artefacts are fetching millions of dollars.

The NFT space is welcoming more and more artists, and many of them can now support themselves by selling their digital artwork.

Nfts enable artists to sell their work directly to the public without the need for a middleman, such as a gallery or an agency.

The metaverse places a lot of emphasis on the display layer, which opens up new avenues for artistic expression. As AI painting becomes more and more popular, digital art is starting to catch people’s attention.

How to Start Your Own Art Gallery in the Metaverse: 5 Steps

  1. Spatial

Spatial is committed to assisting companies and creators in creating their own locations in the metaverse where they can interact and exchange culture. We enable our users to take use of their lovely places to share eye-catching material, create close communities, and generate significant sales of their original creations and goods.

With Spatial, you can design a public area where up to 50 people may attend live events. For various audiences, you may establish virtual art exhibitions with and without NFT.

The following steps will show you how to launch a VR gallery on spatial:

  • Start by installing the Spatial app and making an account if you’re unfamiliar with the realm of virtual reality meeting locations.
  • Choose the starting environment that you want to use. Changing the surroundings afterwards is always an option.
  • Look for the space you want to join under the Spaces menu. Avatars will appear to show that there are individuals in the area and the area will be highlighted in green if someone is already there.
  • The procedure will be relatively simple if you aren’t utilising NFT files. Similar to how you would do it with any file importer, you may import your 2D and 3D elements right into Spatial.
  • You should combine Spatial with your MetaMask wallet if you use NFTs as a creator or collector.
  • The next step is to organise your online gallery. When using Spatial from the web, you may add assets by simply choosing them and clicking Add.
  • You may simply walk around the app and virtual world and arrange objects as you see fit once the art has been chosen and made accessible for configuration.

With the Spatial app, a new room may be created in a matter of seconds. You may upload your own to personalise the space and choose from some amazing preset settings to exhibit your artwork in.

  2. CrytoVoxels

In order to stay ahead of the competition, Cryptovoxels has continued to innovate and add new features since it first gained attention in 2018. Cryptovoxels has only advanced and established a more significant market presence over time in the metaverse community. You can get a comprehensive overview of all you need to know about Cryptovoxels in the page that follows.

CryptoVoxels galley on metaverse

It is one of the well-known metaverse platforms that enables you to buy digital spaces and create new digital experiences there. Developed on the Ethereum blockchain network, Cryptovoxels may be compared to a three-dimensional virtual environment.

Visit OpenSea to browse all the available parcels and to purchase one. Due to its active development team, CryptoVoxels frequently releases new areas and tests out new integrations and parcel sizes.

The B.20 Monument, one of the city’s most prominent exhibition locations, displays dozens of art NFTs created by the infamous artist Beeple.

The Palette Gallery is another prominent place, as is the I am not Art Gallery, which shows various artists each week.

Acquiring Land

In the Cryptovoxels metaverse, you may purchase virtual land and then sell it for more money. These simple methods will help you buy virtual land in Cryptovoxels.

  • Use OpenSea as an example of an NFT marketplace.
  • Investigate Cryptovoxel land parcels.
  • Select the land piece and buy it.
  • Wait for verification before completing the transaction.

  3. (Free)

With four ready-made themes, provides a free alternative for displaying your art collection. Incredible marketing material is provided by the OnCyber NFT gallery. It has huge museums and rooms with a lot of possibilities.

The galleries also include NFT artwork from artists including CryptoPunks, Fidenza, Art Blocks, and others. The OM metaverse might take on a number of different forms. Punk6529, however, has a thought. He declared, In my ideal scenario, there are 5,000 autonomous districts spread over 10 autonomous cities.

It gives your digital assets a sense of life, resulting in an immersive experience that makes it easy to put up your art gallery in just three simple steps.

  • log in using web3: To locate & retrieve assets, connect your favorite wallet (on Ethereum, Tezos, Solana, etc.).
  •  Curate. will retrieve all of your personal assets, allowing you to organize them in the area of your choice.
  •  Share with the world: You may either share your area in the metaverse directly with the world or invite colleagues.

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  4. (Free)

In order to surprise art collectors and art enthusiasts, Kunstmatrix is a special tool that enables you to design stunning 3D displays of your artwork. Manage and showcase your artwork digitally. You can even use an augmented reality app to display a sample of your piece in any location you desire.

For orders of 10 items or less, Kunstmatrix is free. Despite the fact that the free version lacks a public gallery, it’s still a fantastic method to build your own collection for usage only by you.

With millions of visitors and more than 6000 public shows, Kunstmatrix is the leader in virtual exhibitions worldwide. The following goods are now available from us in four distinct bundles (Basic, Regular, Professional, and Premium):

galley on metaverse

  • Art.Spaces is a special tool that enables you to make stunning 3D presentations of your artwork to dazzle art collectors and admirers in a 3D online display.
  •  As an augmented reality app, Art.Augmented offers the capability to preview your creations in any location.
  •  Our internal tool for organizing exhibits and artwork is called Art.Office.

Paid subscriptions begin at $12 per month and rise in price as your gallery expands. If you opt to pay for the platform, Kunstmatrix provides prebuilt galleries that enable you to create the ideal show for your collection.

The platform from Kunstmatrix combined with a gallery from Ikonospace offers a great illustration of curated collections, like Daniel Catt’s gallery.

  5. Moduluc/Enviro

The base for the art galleries in the Metaverse is Moduluc. The foremost creator of metaverses, Enviro, is made available as an NFT. This cross-chain toolkit is an entire set of instruments.

It provides you with a dynamic, user-friendly, and high-fidelity environment in which you may personalize your living area.

10 gallery sizes are offered by Enviro (tiers). The galleries will get bigger and more intricately built as you get closer to tier 10.

Tier 10 virtually fills a whole museum.

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Owners may customize a room by modifying the general composition, adding furniture, altering the wall and floor finishes, and much more!

To further personalize your own area, you are free to arrange your own 2D and 3D NFTs. The Enviro NFTs are available on Magic Eden.

galley on metaverse


Numerous options for designers and artists arise from the ability to develop Metaverse regions. With adaptable and user-friendly platforms, the Metaverse community enables creators to do what they do best: create.

After creating your art gallery on Metaverse, you can then make money off of it by renting it out to others or sharing it with everyone else to spread the word about your works. Or you can just enjoy yourself in the world you’ve made.

While virtual reality art galleries don’t take the place of physical ones, they do provide more accessibility, incredible digital experiences, and a fresh way to appreciate priceless pieces of art and up-and-coming artists.

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