Biggie Metaverse: Hyperrealistic Notorious B.I.G. Avatar to Star in Virtual Reality Concert Hosted by Meta


A virtual reality concert featuring a “true-to-life, hyperrealistic” avatar of the Notorious B.I.G. will be held on the Meta VR platform and the Facebook VR platform only. The event will take place 25 years after the death of the rapper.

Biggie’s virtual self, or “Biggie,” will sing fan favorites from his discography while leading concertgoers on a virtual reality tour through a replica of Brooklyn from the 1990s, named “The Brook,” in the Meta Horizon Worlds virtual reality platform.

The estate of the late Notorious B.I.G. collaborated on the production of this performance. When he was only 24 years old, Christopher Wallace, better known by his stage name Notorious B.I.G., was shot and died.

Biggie Metaverse

The year that Biggie turns 50 is scheduled to be commemorated by the virtual reality event that Meta is organizing. On December 16, “The Notorious B.I.G. Sky’s The Limit: A VR Concert Experience” will premiere exclusively in the Venues part of Meta Horizon Worlds (and in Meta Quest TV), both of which require a virtual reality headset called a Meta Quest 2 or Meta Quest Pro to access.

Here’s a link to the virtual reality event page. Not everyone has access to a Quest VR gadget, therefore the concert will also be streamed in 2D on Notorious B.I.G.’s official Facebook page.

Voletta Wallace, Biggie’s mom, issued a statement in which she said, “I find it difficult at times to comprehend the potential to generate a range of new chances to exhibit my son Christopher’s music through the evolution of technology.”

When pointing to the fact that Biggie’s music has been showcased even after his death, his mother was making this point. But I’ve been having a great time making his avatar since I know it will be useful for his admirers who want to interact with him in ways they haven’t been able to before.

I’d want to thank everyone who played a role in making this project possible.

This virtual reality experience, narrated by writer and music journalist Touré, will take viewers through a day in the life of Biggie Smalls. DJ Clark Kent will be spinning special sets, and special guests Sean “DiddyCombs, The Lox, Latto, Nardo Wick, and Lil‘ Cease will be making appearances as well.

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DJ Clark Kent will also be performing a special set at the concert.

Manager and RCA Records boss Mark Pitts, aka Biggie, was recently cited as stating, “It’s amazing to develop fresh material for B.I.G. Biggie was snatched from us far too soon for us to witness him mature as a musician. Web3’s many advantages include our ability to appreciate Biggie’s music with visuals that he himself could not have imagined creating.

Biggie Metaverse

That’s the latest round of funding for virtual reality entertainment from the internet behemoth, all in an effort to realize CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s vision of the “metaverse” as the purported replacement to existing social networks. Meta is making this investment on its own accord. Meta has also supported the recent virtual reality experiences

Eli Roth’s Haunted House: Trick-VR-Treat,” starring Vanessa Hudgens, and “Nope: A Virtual Reality Experience,” based on the film by Jordan Peele.

The performance is being produced by Gunpowder & Sky, a firm founded by Van Toffler, who previously spent nearly three decades as MTV’s CEO. Elliot Osagie, CEO of Willingie, was instrumental in the creation of Biggie’s avatar technology alongside Visual Effects director and Hyperreal CEO Remington Scott.

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The Notorious B.I.G. Estate’s management company, WME, also backed them.

Osagie claims that “Biggie’s music has been streamed over 11 billion times throughout the world, with 6.5 billion of those streams taking place in the United States alone; yet, due to his untimely demise, there just wasn’t enough content to fulfill the huge demand for his music.”

For this reason, it was my decision to create a digital representation of myself, and it was I who came up with the idea in the first place.

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Toffler reflected on his time at MTV, saying, “Biggie’s early death, like that of Kurt Cobain and Tupac, was an important milestone in my earlier position.”

(Citation required) To be a part of his rebirth in the virtual world, which will have state-of-the-art avatars and motion-capture technologies, along with the best music and storytelling, is a dream come true. Biggie’s impact on music and popular culture will endure forever.

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