DAIN LEADERS introduces ‘Meta Campus,’ an innovative Metaverse Learning Experience Platform!


The Digital Twin-Based Metaverse Learning Management Platform, Meta Campus, was released by DAIN LEADERS, a top provider of EduTech and the Learning Experience Platform.

“The metaverse isn’t just a virtual space; it needs to be a place where college students can keep learning and have fun doing it.” We will keep working so that Meta Campus offers a new way to learn and new chances for students to find learning fun.

Meta Campus is a platform for education that aims to provide a virtual learning space in response to higher education settings that are changing quickly and becoming more digital. It also wants to improve the learning experience by making metaverse classes more engaging.

The rendering technology of digital twins turns real university campuses into 3D models that are the same size as the real campuses. The service creates a campus map that best shows off the uniqueness of each university by modeling the main building on campus and offering a learning management system.

Together with universities, DAIN Leaders helped students handle their learning records and activities in a more unified way. In 2012, DAIN LEADERS created “Career Path,” the first method in Korea that used students’ skills to create a portfolio. This changed the way higher education is done. Additionally, DAIN LEADERS worked hard on the ODA projects using Korea’s cutting-edge ICT approach. Because of this, the company is now leading the way in bringing K-schools to Singapore, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, the Philippines, Indonesia, and North America.

Since DAIN LEADERS has worked on some government research and development projects related to blockchain and the metaverse, it has become known for its skill in creating cutting-edge education platforms for the next generation. To give students and teachers in different schools new ways to learn, DAIN LEADERS is building up an ecosystem where they can make VR and AR material.

Through avatars and chat systems, DAIN LEADERS offers different place templates for different uses, such as classes, consultations, and meetings. They also offer new ways to learn that are based on virtual space and are not limited by time or space. First, DAIN LEADERS wants to build a metacampus ecosystem for universities in Korea. Then, they want to spread to other universities around the world using an EduTech platform with a more advanced metaverse.

“The metaverse isn’t just a virtual space; it needs to be a place where college students can keep learning and have fun doing it.” “We will keep working to make Meta Campus a new way to learn and a new way for students to find learning fun,” said Changbae Lee, Head of Contents Business Division of DAIN LEADERS.

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