Earth 2 Metaverse: This 3D Earth is being built to scale right now.


A second Earth, or metaverse, in which real-world geolocations on a sectioned map correlate to user-generated digital virtual settings is envisioned in Earth 2. These settings can be purchased, traded, and, in the not-too-distant future, extensively personalized.

Earth 2 is the beginning of the exciting future in which a virtual representation of Earth on a 1:1 scale will become a reality. Launching today, Phase 1 is the central global body that will ultimately establish who owns what in the virtual metaverse of the future.

And you can already make out the rudimentary framework of an economic simulation that will one day supply Earth 2 with all the ingredients it needs to construct our dream.

Built on top of MapBox’s infrastructure, our global digital grid layer grants users the right to stake territorial claims on individual tiles of Virtual Land anywhere on the earth.

Earth 2 Metaverse

It is our hope that, like real estate, the value of Virtual Land will rise as time goes on, depending on factors such as demand, location, and prospective income. If this is something you are interested in, be sure to stake your claim to prime real estate early on.

Starting in late 2020, Earth 2 has sold more virtual land than any other project in history. As we evolve into the world’s geographical virtual land platform, unveil our global economic simulator, and continue development on our E2 Terrain Engine to deliver massive, realistic, real-time rendered geolocated 3D environments, we have formally partnered with Mapbox and 5CA and are working on additional partnerships, collaborations, and projects to maintain our leading position.

Despite our early success, Earth 2 is still in its infancy, and no one will force you to stake a claim. Nonetheless, we encourage you to follow us on one of the social media channels below so that you can stay in touch, learn more about us, and receive updates on the development of our groundbreaking platform.

Claim Land Immediately

The first step in Earth 2 is purchasing land and with prices starting at $0.10 per block be quick to claim. Be part of the future and claim your very own piece of virtual land today.

Phase 1 involves the official launch of the Earth 2 in-game trading platform. Initially, this trading platform allows people to buy and trade virtual land inside Earth 2. Because Earth 2 is geographically linked to the real world then popular places on our physical earth will attract more virtual interaction in Earth 2.

Earth 2 Metaverse

Have you ever wanted to own part of downtown New York or Central Paris? Or maybe you’d like to lay claim to the White House? As of now, each account can choose a country of affiliation and fly your country flag over whichever piece of land you own.

Imagine buying the Sydney Opera House and flying the American flag representing ownership of that land on Earth 2. This is only the beginning as country ownership of land will become even more important as digital access to Earth 2 gameplay becomes available over the coming months.

Planet 2 Vision

The virtual reality of the future starts here on Earth 2, and right now you can be a part of it.

Our ideal scenario involves a digital version of the world that is physically identical to our own. Because the digital grid system in Earth 2 is linked to the real world, places there are practically in the same location as on Earth.

The goal of Earth 2 is to create a digital version of our planet on which people everywhere can live, work, play, learn, and explore. We believe that the introduction of Earth 2 marks the beginning of a new era in the world’s virtual history, and this is why we are committed to this long-term, massive ambition.

If you believe in our mission and share our vision, we encourage you to join us. The purchase of a plot of land in Earth 2 is not only a vote of confidence in the virtual future of our planet but also an incredible opportunity to capitalize on the game’s early success. Sign up for an account and we’ll keep you posted on new releases if you’re still on the fence.

Planet 2 Environment

Movement occurs without loading or popping artifacts at scale because the Earth 2 terrain engine can depict the entire planet with an unprecedented fidelity to topography and vegetation. This is accomplished without sacrificing performance while also being able to run on less powerful hardware.

Earth 2 Web Application

Users of Earth 2’s web platform have the option of purchasing, selling, and/or bidding on digital parcels of land. A Mercator projection of the Earth is divided into a digital grid of roughly 10×10 meters, representing the available acreage. Below is a list of some of the key features offered by our online app:

Digital land layer with more than 5.1 trillion individually numbered virtual terrain tiles covering the entire planet, tailored to render with many layers of accompanying data, and given to the user with remarkable speed and precision (capped at 50 billion circulations for Class 1, 2, 3 and 4 lands)

Per-tile, per-render, ownership- and status-independent identifiers are immediately provided.
Select a property on a map and get an instant visual representation of its dimensions, market value, ownership details, purchase status, and editable land title.

Country flags can be shown efficiently over map tiles, with the result being the current controlled status.
A property’s deed’s view confirms the property’s land class, land title, deed identifier, controlled status, purchase price, market value, sale status, and a list of the property’s tiles’ specific unique Tile IDs, longitudes, latitudes, and addresses.

A user’s net worth, property value growth or decline, and the total number of tiles they own are all displayed in their profile portfolio. Catalog of Real Estate with Photos and Brief Descriptions

Core features of the heterogeneous in-game economy include:
Accumulating and reselling Available Credit
Purchased assets are subject to bidding and counterbidding with credits guaranteed to result (Accept or Cancel)
Acquire Real Estate with a Quick Transfer of Title (Deed)
Complete transaction history, including all money coming in and going out, recorded in real-time within the game, with the ability to filter.

Bonuses (LIT) obtained on a property by nation and land class through the referral system
Second-tier, real-time New Land prices are set by users across countries based on their Market Value (core system price for available land previously unowned in a country)

Key data, number of tiles, land class, country, Market Value, advertised price, percentage vs Market Value, displayed in Best Value order Countries providing real-time and historic statistical records on trading price, volumes, and more per country MarketPlace list of all properties for sale by other users

A system based on referral codes that track and distribute credits for local commerce.
Rankings produce a wide range of outcomes according to selected criteria.

It’s important to note that our web app in-game system will serve as a stepping stone to Earth 2’s planned economic systems, which will become available at a later time.

Virtual World Development

A Virtual World that is geographically connected to the actual world, creating a world-first approach to a metaverse that you can nearly touch.

Earth 2’s metaverse is a stunningly gorgeous place to imagine. Real-world geolocations correspond to digital and virtual worlds, effectively linking reality to virtual reality in our brains and by location so that it will seem alive around us wherever we stand on the planet.

Portals will be made available so that anyone on Earth can see what’s going on in Earth 2 at all times, regardless of where they are in the actual world.

Earth 2 will house an incredible variety of ecosystems that may be purchased, traded, and extensively personalized, giving rise to a virtual paradise beyond our wildest dreams. We foresee a moment in the future when virtual people of Earth 2 will help build and even destroy that planet.

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