How to Find and Defeat the Valkyrie of the Metaverse in Roblox


Are you looking forward to playing the Metaverse Valk in your Metaverse Champions tournament?

Roblox Metaverse is quickly becoming a very popular online game platform, with users able to participate in unique events and interesting challenges. With over 52.2 million members globally, the firm went public in March 2021 at a $41.9 billion valuation.

This article will explain how to obtain the Valkyrie of the Metaverse by playing regularly and completing regular tasks.

What is The Metaverse’s Valkyrie?

Valkyrie of the Metaverse is a tier hat created specifically for a new in-game character. Users can receive it if they have earned enough points (including all four special Mystery Boxes). The Roblox Metaverse Valk is another name for this Valkyrie.

Roblox Metaverse Champions, the newest Roblox event, includes 180 different Roblox games. In this event, players can find chests or crates to unlock new avatars. The first winner has already been declared, indicating the end of the awards for 2021.

Roblox introduced the Valkyrie of the Metaverse hat in the avatar store on May 21, 2021. This Valkyrie Series item may be obtained by accomplishing specified challenges in the Metaverse Champions game.

As of August 3rd, 2022, the Roblox Metaverse Valk had been claimed 337,586 times and was marked as a favorite 70,040 times. It differs from the bulk of Valkyrie helms because the front half is constructed differently.

The Metaverse Champions Launcher Boxes have the same emblems as the Valkyrie of the Metaverse, with feathers and front components. The helm has a gold design, and the hat is pink.

The components of this item are scattered around the Metaverse platform, and the Metaverse Valk fragments may only be recovered by champions who complete objectives and receive Mystery Boxes during the Metaverse Champions event.

How to Get The Metaverse’s Valkyrie on Roblox

Obtaining the Valkyrie of the Metaverse is a difficult task. The Admin, The Star Creator, The MVP, and The Developer are the four unique Mystery Crates that the player must gather. The four Mystery Chests combine to give you the Roblox Valkyrie of the Metaverse.

The next sections will go over how to get the four Mystery Boxes in order to obtain the Roblox Metaverse Valk.

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Purchase All Four Mystery Chests

Obtaining three of the four Mystery Chests for the Valkyrie of the Metaverse is quite simple. The difficult part is obtaining the uncommon MVP. After obtaining the treasures from the Valkyrie of the Metaverse’s four Mystery Chests, you can wear any of these pieces alone or combine all of the prizes from all chests.

The Valkyrie of the Metaverse item will then be built from the items acquired and placed in your avatar’s inventory. However, the minor probability of obtaining the Valkyrie of the Metaverse headgear items has ended after May 21, 2021.

How to Find and Defeat the Valkyrie of the Metaverse in Roblox

Furthermore, as soon as the event concluded, all four boxes that were available to obtain throughout the event vanished. Remember to claim your avatar’s new accessories in the next Metaverse Champions tournament. Check out our article for ideas on the finest Roblox avatars.

So, let’s see how you may easily obtain these four chests.

1. Valkyrie’s Shard: The Video Stars

The Shard of Valkyrie: The Video Stars can be found by following the methods outlined below:

  • To find a Video Star in Roblox, go to the Roblox Video Stars group and look for a Star Creator in the Metaverse Champions Hub.
  • Then, if you find the Star Creator in the Champions Hub, join the Video Star Creator’s server and wait in line for your chance to obtain the Star Creator Box.

2. Valkyrie’s Shard: The Administrators

Finding a Valkyrie: The Admins Shard is easier than finding Developers or MVP Shards. You can find Admins by going to the Roblox Official Group. You can add filters to the group page. Select Admins from the list of filters. Then, if your chosen Admin is in the Champions Hub, join the server and wait for your turn to obtain the box.

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3. Valkyrie’s Shard: The Developers

Finding a Roblox Developer is difficult, and you will need to do much more research than with the other Boxes. Because there are 180 Roblox games in the Metaverse Champions event, there will be around 180+ Developers eligible to supply Developer Boxes.

Here are some pointers to help you discover Developers quickly:

  • To begin, research all of the Roblox Metaverse Champions, as well as their weekly venues, games, and rewards for a list of event games. Keep an eye out for these so you can plan more readily.
  • Choose a few games that look interesting.
  • You can also follow the Developers on the Roblox Metaverse Champions platform discord or Twitter.

If the Roblox Developer is present in the Metaverse Champions Hub, you can also join their server and wait for your turn to acquire a Developer Box.

4. Valkyrie’s Shard: The MVPs

To obtain the Shard of Valkyrie: The MVPs, you must first obtain eight badges for one champion (at the very least) before the next week begins in order to obtain an MVP Launcher Box.

After you have obtained the badges, you can assist other players in the Metaverse Champions Hub by lending them your MVP Launcher Box, which will assist those who are having difficulty getting the badges. At the end of the event, all MVP Launcher Boxes will be changed. Because the MVP Launcher Box is refreshed every week, you can only obtain four of them during the Metaverse Champions event.

However, badges do not roll over to the next week. For example, if you only got six badges in the first week, you won’t be able to get them again the following week. Each week, you are only permitted to collect one MVP Launcher Box.How to Find and Defeat the Valkyrie of the Metaverse in Roblox

If you are unable to collect the badges yourself, you can delegate the difficult chore of obtaining the eight badges each week to other players. You must connect to the Metaverse Champions Hub server and ask other gamers to do likewise. Depending on how active you are in the community, many people are willing to offer their MVP Launcher Boxes.

If you consistently unlock the MVP Launcher Box every week, you will receive different items for your avatar to utilize as well as the Launcher Pro Badge in the hub games. Furthermore, this will assist you in increasing your faction’s total score and taking the lead in the games.

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In the Metaverse Champions Hub, Combine Chests.

Metaverse Champions was a four-week Roblox championship event that ran from April to May 2021. The game, dubbed “All Roblox Metaverse Champions,” involved unearthing chests of specific heroes and bosses.

The players had to complete numerous tasks and difficulties in order to find secret items and chests to outfit their avatars.

Points are awarded based on the number of crates obtained and unlocked by a player throughout the specified weeks. The competitors can use these points to claim unique items after the event is over.

There are various activities available for players to play, such as Easter Egg Hunt, which is an amazing way to obtain free goods and unlock new heroes. You can also mix chest rewards to create one-of-a-kind products.

Consider the Valkyrie of the Metaverse, which is separated into four parts. You must collect chests for each part. So, once you’ve collected these chests, you may combine the rewards from the chest rewards at the Metaverse Champions Hub to obtain a complete Valkyrie Helm, an exclusive item for your avatar.

Because it represents the fulfillment of all essential actions to unlock the four chests, the Valkyrie of the Metaverse grants enormous bragging rights within the community.

The Valkyrie in Pink

There was a lot of suspicion regarding the Pink Valkyrie not being real before it was released. However, towards the end of the event, it was clear that it was legitimate, and that players may claim the Pink Valkyrie after fulfilling its conditions.

Follow our suggestions for the next event to increase your chances of obtaining it soon before the event concludes.


This article on “How to Get The Metaverse Valkyrie” will help you understand the Metaverse Champions event. It also has a wealth of information on how to obtain the things and show them on the Metaverse Champions Hub.

Have you completed Roblox Metaverse Champions and gotten the Valkyrie? Click here to learn more about Roblox avatars.

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