Meta Quest 2 VR: Recalling the Famous Artist Known as Oculus


If you want to play games and experience other immersive VR content without being chained to a PC or having to dock your phone, the Meta Quest 2 (previously known as Oculus Quest 2) is the virtual reality headset you’re after.

The Meta Quest 2 improves upon its predecessor in several key respects, including usability (because of a more streamlined and intuitive design), speed (thanks to increased processing power), and screen resolution. To be sure, my testing has shown that the Meta Quest 2 isn’t flawless. A good example is a fact that the controllers can’t be charged.

However, the Meta Quest 2 is the greatest virtual reality (VR) headset for the vast majority of consumers. The third installment of Meta Quest is rumored to be in the works, so keep that in mind.

Meta Quest 2: Price and Availability

Right now, the 128GB version of the Meta Quest 2 can be purchased for $399 in the United States and £399 in the United Kingdom. If you’re willing to spend an extra $50 or £50, the 256GB model is well worth it because it can store many more media files, including games and apps.

In 2022, when the Quest 2 was released, it was $100 (or 100 pounds) cheaper. Although the Quest 2’s price has increased, it is still a good buy. If you’re looking for a place to get the Meta Quest 2, be sure to peruse our compilation of stores selling it.

Meta Quest 2: Design

For a VR headset, the Meta Quest 2 has a stylish look. A lightweight and comfy headset takes the place of the traditional, hefty googles. Despite this, the headset weighs exactly the same as its forebear.

Meta Quest 2 VR

The headset’s minimalist design—consisting of a single strap and four video sensors—means it can double as a stylish workplace accessory without sacrificing functionality. The Quest 2 is pleasing to the eye with its light grey tone.

The headset helps keep its sleek appearance thanks to its few, well-placed buttons and ports. The headset’s power button is on the right side, the volume rocker is on the right underside, and the USB-C connector and headphone jack are on the left.

Without having to reach for the bottom of the headset to flip a switch, the Meta Quest 2’s lenses may be manually adjusted to one of three viewing distances by pinching and spreading them out.

Even after using the Meta Quest 2 for over an hour at a time, its small size (7.5 x 4 x 5.2 inches) and lightweight (1.1 pounds) made it easy to wear. The headset’s substantial foam padding and adjustable elastic bands made it easy to forget I was wearing a chunk of plastic on my face.

You might want to make sure your Meta Quest 2 isn’t too tight before you dive in, as I learned the hard way when I concluded a pretty lengthy play session with a ridiculously enormous red indent on my forehead.

View our short and easy guide on how to clean Oculus lenses to maintain a spotless viewing experience.

Meta Quest 2: Getting set up

The Meta Quest 2, like the first Quest, is a complete virtual reality system in which the user need not install any additional sensors or cameras.

Putting on the headset, activating your account via the Oculus mobile app, and setting up your play area are the only steps required to begin using the system, and the whole procedure just takes a few minutes.

Once again, the Meta Quest 2 makes use of Oculus Guardian technology, which allows you to draw out a playspace using your Oculus Touch controllers to prevent unwanted collisions with the environment.

Guardian space creation required no more than a few strokes of a virtual paintbrush on my living room wall (which I could see well through the headset’s Passthrough+ cameras) to create a rectangle.

When evaluating the Meta Quest 2, I found its Passthrough+ mode to be an effective means of eliminating the depth mismatch typical with passthrough cameras.

When you leave your Guardian area, the headset will immediately convert to Passthrough mode so you can see everything around you. Passthrough mode may be activated with a tap of the headset’s side, which is useful if you want to take a break from virtual reality and see what’s going on in the real world.

For room-scale virtual reality, which allows users to freely roam a digital environment and engage in more dynamic simulations, Oculus suggests allocating at least 6.5 square feet of floor area per user.

Have limited room to work with? If you want to use the Meta Quest 2 while sitting or standing in one place, you may also set up a stationary border. You can cast your Meta Quest 2 to a TV if the area you’re setting up in has one.

Meta Quest 2: Controllers and Hand Tracking

The Meta Quest 2’s Oculus Touch Controllers have been updated to provide more precise gesture recognition. The controllers have the same scoop form as before, and each has two shoulder buttons for actions like firing guns and grasping objects, as well as a clickable analogue stick and two face buttons.

Meta Quest 2 VR

Use the wristbands provided to keep them from flying off your hands during a heated lightsaber battle.

The Meta Quest 2’s controllers are responsive, responsive, and responsive, and I found them to be comfortable and easy to use across a wide range of games and experiences

.Quick triggers and responsive motion sensing made it simple to land headshots in Pistol Whip, and I had no issue slicing through blocks of varying colors in Beat Saber’s rhythmic action.

The haptics of the controllers is particularly amazing, allowing me to feel the distinct buzz of a lit lightsaber in Vader Immortal and providing a gentle pulse in Tetris Effect that matched the in-game soundtrack to keep me on course.

I was a little let down to see that the Touch Controllers require AA batteries and can’t be charged via the included USB cable. Nonetheless, I’ve been using my controllers for a while, and the Quest interface still shows that both of them have 100% battery life. Controllers can supposedly run for about 30 hours on a single charge.

As an added bonus, the Meta Quest 2 supports hand tracking, letting you play some games and navigate the menus without ever taking off the headset. While the option to use hand-tracking is nice, I had problems getting my pinch-to-select gestures to register while navigating the Oculus home screen.

Only a few Quest apps presently have hand-tracking functionality, and of the ones I tried, it was a hit-or-miss experience. I was able to master the productivity app Spatial’s menus and file transfers, but I had a hard time using the game’s hand-supported controls, especially in The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets.

Meta Quest 2: Performance

The inclusion of a Snapdragon XR2 chip in the Meta Quest 2 has improved its performance in comparison to its forerunner. The Quest 2’s 6GB of RAM and Snapdragon 845 processor are significant upgrades over the original Quest’s Snapdragon 835 CPU and Oculus Rift-optimized chipset, respectively.

The Meta Quest 2’s improved performance allows for quicker and more responsive menu selection and overall use. Thanks to the miracle of modern technology, I was able to play games while simultaneously downloading a number of other titles, and the experience was completely seamless.

Beat Saber, Pistol Whip, and Vader Immortal all ran fluidly and looked incredibly sharp and clear. However, I wouldn’t put them on par with the output of an Xbox Series X or PS5, much less a high-end personal computer dedicated to gaming.

Colorful and detailed graphics let me get lost in the games I played. There were no interruptions to my virtual reality experience on my end, such as crashes or drops in framerate.

Meta Quest 2: Games

The Oculus Quest platform has built an amazingly strong library of games, ranging from innovative interpretations of classic AAA brands to thrilling indie projects that make the most of the Meta Quest 2’s VR capabilities.

Beat Saber, a rhythm-based sword-fighting game, and Superhot VR, a time-bending shooter that made me feel like I was in a surreal science fiction action film, are two of the best.

Vader Immortal was a first-person action-adventure game that had me sneaking through imperial strongholds and participating in close lightsaber battles, all of which I found incredibly exciting and satisfying as a Star Wars fan.

And Pistol Whip was a blast—a neon-lit arcade shooter where I dodged bullets and popped heads to the sound of electronic dance music.

Already one of my all-time favorite games, Tetris Effect became even more enjoyable because of Meta Quest 2’s fully immersive 3D setting, which enhanced the game’s already soothing aesthetics.

And Moss by Polyarc is a great combination of classic controller-based platforming and robust VR interactivity, letting you manipulate objects with your hands while directing a cute mouse with the analogue sticks.

Resident Evil 4 VR is another great single-player game, and in 2022, the game will receive The Mercenaries mode as free DLC.

Meta Quest 2 users can also load Steam VR directly onto their headsets with the help of a killer utility aptly named OculusKiller.

Additionally, Quest 2 is an excellent multiplayer system, allowing you to play in virtual environments with pals at a time when getting together in person is more difficult than ever.

Path of the Warrior, a virtual reality (VR) brawler, features one of the most amusing and exciting multiplayer experiences I’ve had in a long time, and Eleven: Table Tennis VR does a commendable job of translating my awful table tennis talents to the virtual world.

Adding the $79 Oculus Link cable to your Meta Quest 2 will allow you to connect it to a VR-ready PC and play a plethora of additional virtual reality games, such as Half-Life: Alyx, Star Wars: Squadrons, and Fallout 4 VR.

It’s unfortunate that Quest 2 doesn’t come with support for all of the finest virtual reality games, but the Oculus Link can transform your Quest into an Oculus Rift for only a little bit less than the Rift’s $399 price tag.

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Meta Quest 2: Apps

The Meta Quest 2 isn’t just for gaming; it also has a wide variety of video-watching and teamwork-enhancing apps. Oculus TV’s virtual concert by the Blue Man Group left me mesmerized, while a 360-degree YouTube video of Mount Everest had me gawking in wonder.

I was able to experience the thrill of a virtual rollercoaster thanks to the Oculus TV app, and I was on the verge of passing out before I remembered that I was actually sitting at my computer.

Collaborating on documents and 3D models is made much easier with the help of the Spatial app’s outstanding virtual workspace. Meanwhile, I was able to utilize my Windows 10 computer in a fully realistic virtual reality setting thanks to the Virtual Desktop software.

Meta Quest 2: Audio

Although positional audio was previously seen on the Quest and Rift S, my mind is blown every time I utilize the Meta Quest 2’s version of the feature. The built-in speakers of the headset are powerful enough to be used without headphones and produce clear, strong sound with outstanding directionality.

While relaxing in my home screen haven, I could pinpoint the location of enemy fire while firing my pistol in Pistol Whip, just like I could hear the bees and birds singing nearby.

The Meta Quest 2 provides a 3.5mm headphone port for those who desire an even more immersive listening experience.

To complement Quest 2, Meta and Logitech have developed the Chorus, a set of speakers that attach to the strap and deliver fully immersive audio while keeping you partially grounded in reality. The enchantment of the headset’s integrated sound, though, only adds to its convenience.

Likewise dependable was the Meta Quest 2’s in-built microphone. My friend’s voice came through his Quest 2 headset well, so we were able to work well together as we tossed around enemies in Path of the Warrior.

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Meta Quest 2: Battery life

The Meta Quest 2 has a battery life of about 2 to 3 hours, depending on how much you use it for gaming and movie playback. During my testing, I discovered that I only needed to recharge the Quest 2 once every several days, even when using it extensively.

After playing Meta Quest 2 for over an hour across multiple sessions, I observed that the battery was about 50% depleted after each session.

Meta Quest 2: Verdict

The Meta Quest 2’s “it simply works” enchantment makes me nostalgic for the first time I used a smartphone or a Nintendo Switch.

The Meta Quest 2, like its forerunner, removes the traditional barriers to entering the realm of virtual reality, such as the requirement for a strong PC and a plethora of wires and sensors, and instead crams a plethora of fantastic experiences into a sleek gadget that can be thrown on at any time.

It’s possible that the Meta Quest 2’s higher price tag and additional features won’t entice anyone who currently has an Oculus Quest to shell out another $299.

The new headgear can get pricey if you choose the 256GB storage version or if you want to buy an Oculus Link cable. If you haven’t tried virtual reality before or are ready to break free of your cables, the Meta Quest 2 is the greatest option available.

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Frequently Asked Question

Is Meta Quest 2 a Great Purchase?

If you’re ready to dive into the virtual reality world, then sure, the Meta Quest 2 is a worthwhile investment. This headgear is a fantastic way to ease into virtual reality, and it supports a broad variety of games.

Is Oculus Quest 2 Now Amazing?

The Oculus Quest 2 has been renamed as the Meta Quest 2. However, the headset gadget is known by both names. The Oculus Quest was a short-lived (2019-2020) VR headset that supported 1440 x 1600 resolution per eye and a 72 Hz refresh rate. Its successor, Quest 2, is the successor of the Quest.

Is the Meta Quest 2 Vr Headset the Best?

The Meta (previously Oculus) Quest 2 headset is our top pick because it’s the most accessible and user-friendly option, allowing you to enjoy a broad variety of games and experiences.

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