Metaverse Map: Is there a guide to the Metaverse?


My Map of the Metaverse organizes virtual worlds into categories based on how users enter them (through desktop computers, virtual reality headsets, or web browsers) and the underlying technology that drives their economies blockchain or not.

Connecting the dots between various technologies and the various levels that make up the metaverse, the Metaverse Map is a market intelligence database. It generates a knowledge graph of the complete metaverse supply chain by monitoring technical dependencies and reverses dependencies across Products, Platforms, and Technologies from the supply chain of hardware components all the way to layer 1+ blockchain platforms and valuable end-user experience data.

It looks as though everybody has a firm grasp on what the hell the metaverse is. People have different definitions for what it is; some call it virtual reality, while others say it’s augmented reality, and still, others claim it’s just 3D video games with a new name.

metaverse map

An Improved Roadmap of the Metaverse Sandbox

On Friday, The Sandbox tweeted that the new metaverse map was out for download. The Sandbox extended the capabilities of the new metaverse map by letting users put logos on 1×1 LANDs.
The Sandbox is an Ethereum blockchain based digital playground where users can create, own, and earn money from their very own custom-made games. Price per SAND token is now $1.3984, up 2.45% in the previous 24 hours.

With this new update, we improved the map’s speed to make your browsing experience even more enjoyable.

Put your position out there and tell everyone Copy the URL from the “My Lands” filter to promote your own piece of the metaverse on other platforms.

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Filtered Looking

New filters have been added to the left side of the map to help you narrow down your search:

  • Unique, Prime Real Estate: Permits viewing of just LANDS of a certain quality, whether they are currently for sale or not. For a more refined search, you can apply a “On sale” filter.
  • LANDs Available on OpenSea: Authorizes access to OpenSea real estate listings.
  • LANDs By Size: Limits the LANDs it considers to those of a specific size.

Visualization of Lite Map

The “lite mode” has been updated to be even more minimal and quick to load. When this function is used, pictures will be displayed that correspond to the current zoom level. If you zoom out you’ll just see the large Estate photographs, but as you get closer, more and more of the smaller images will become visible.

With the Lite Map option activated, loading times are reduced and navigation is sped up, allowing for a more pleasurable experience overall.

Metaverses in Virtual Reality (no blockchain)

The 3D worlds that you can explore with a virtual reality headset are located in the first quadrant. Their internal economy is not run on blockchain technology.

We are aware that the market leader, Oculus, sold 10 million units. It appears that 4 million people have downloaded VR Chat in terms of adoption. One million people utilize Microsoft’s Rec Room and AltSpace VR. 300.000 people use Horizon Worlds.

Metaverses Based on Desktop or Browser (no blockchain)

In the second quadrant, we have all of the online communities that can be accessed using a web browser or by downloading a desktop application. It is the most comprehensive category because it contains more established platforms like Active Worlds, Second Life, and Habbo.

There are other games with social components such as Fortnite and Roblox and virtual worlds that are designed specifically for children (like Gaia Online, Woozworld, Avakin Life, Minecraft).

Roblox is the most popular online gaming platform in terms of the number of users (54,7 million daily active users). It is estimated that there are over 24 million daily active users for Fortnite, whereas the number of DAU for Minecraft is approximately 15 million.

Metaverses Based on Desktop or Browser (on a blockchain)

There are blockchain-based metaverses accessible through a desktop or web browser, and this is the focus of the third quadrant. In these simulated environments, the local cryptocurrency can be used to acquire virtual real estate or tokenized assets.

Although there is a lot of talk about it, especially amongst major businesses, not many actual initiatives have been implemented. Only Decentraland, with its estimated 300,000 monthly users, has any sort of verifiable user data.

Metaverses in Virtual Reality (on blockchain)

There are just three blockchain-based VR headset projects under development in the fourth quadrant.

Is there a guide to the Metaverse?

  •  Go to the site for The Sandbox. Then click “Map” on the toolbar on the left.
  •  When you get there a link at the top of the screen will tell you to switch to the new map if you are still using the old version released in August 2021.

Built on the backbone of blockchain technology, the Metaverse is a spatial computing platform that offers digital experiences as an alternative to or replica of the actual world, including its fundamental societal components including social interactions, currency, trade, economics, and property ownership.

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