Metaverse Tourism Association and Dtravel Work Together to Shape the Future of Tourism as a Hybrid!


MTA and Dtravel are the first to recognize the economic worth of the metaverse and immersive technologies to the tourism and travel industry as a whole.

Today, MTA, a new organization that wants to provide tourism leaders with high-quality learning, networking, and study opportunities, announced a partnership with Dtravel, a world leader in decentralized travel. People in the Web3 world know that Dtravel is one of the best places to find travel options.

The MTA is building a group of travel industry leaders to spread the word about new ways to make money, do business, and have virtual experiences that can help the industry grow.

The decentralized travel network Dtravel is speeding up the use of direct bookings around the world and giving people more control over their travel experiences by using on-chain goods that address issues of trust, reputation, distribution, and connectivity.

“Education, mentorship, and awareness are critical for the web3 industry to succeed and specifically for driving adoption in the travel industry,” says Cynthia Huang, CEO of Dtravel. It has been hard to make web3 ideas, technology, and, most importantly, the rewards easy for people to understand and give them clear steps they can take to use it in their business. Because we know how to do it at Dtravel, we want to help any travel business join Web3 and make it easy and fun for them to do so.

As we move toward the future of travel, members of the MTA can learn from great mentors, see how the Dtravel business model works, and figure out how they can use decentralized technologies in their businesses thanks to their relationship with Dtravel. Partners in the travel industry can also work with Dtravel and use their technology or access their Web3 supply or distribution methods. They don’t have to learn any new technology or go through a long onboarding process.

The President and Founder of the Metaverse Tourism Association, Lisa Gibbons, was excited about the relationship with Dtravel.

“The MTA was created to connect the tourism industry with the many opportunities to grow business models using new technologies,” she said. We want to spark, educate, and motivate the mixed future of travel. For this goal, it’s important to have knowledgeable partners like Dtravel to show the way to a travel environment that welcomes everyone.

Customers need to feel like their values are in line with those of the tourist business for it to do well. As of now, the tourism industry has been slow to change for a better future. They also haven’t been able to meet the needs of people who are interested in their services through online tourism.

There is a place in the metaverse for every tour operator and travel agent today, but there are no guides, area experts, or people who plan trips. The MTA wants to show the whole business these many opportunities through its partnership with Dtravel.

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