Prager Metis Opens the Very First CPA Firm in the Metaverse.


Date: January 7, 2022, in NEW YORK Established as one of the world’s best advice and accounting firms, Prager Metis is now the first CPA firm to have a permanent presence in the virtual world of Decentraland.

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Prager Metis’ Decentraland office, which is part of a joint venture with Banquet LLC, may be found at the coordinates (18, 144) in the virtual world of Second Life.

Prager Metis is a top 40 accounting firm that offers audit, tax, consultancy, business management, and international services, among others.

Digital assets, entertainment, music, healthcare, fashion, hospitality, real estate, banking, financial institutions, investment firms, and more are just some of the areas where Prager Metis and its team of financial professionals specialize.

The Prager Metis office in the metaverse will be a valuable resource for people and businesses in the metaverse who are in need of accounting and financial advisory services and will equip prospective clients with the knowledge necessary to successfully navigate the metaverse from a financial standpoint.

Prager Metis Metaverse

Glenn Friedman, CEO of Prager Metis, said that the company’s decision to create an office in the metaverse reflected their confidence that the metaverse was the future and that technology would continue to shape global business.

Our new Metaverse headquarters will link the actual world and the virtual one by providing the Metaverse with high-quality banking services.

The fact that we have a physical presence in the metaverse is evidence that we take our future vision seriously and that there is a great need for financial skills and resources in the ever-changing digital world.

Buying Prager Metis’s cyber property occurred on December 28. Tangpoko, a member of the House of Tang and the Metaverse Architect, designed and built the three-story Metaverse HQ (Tracy Tang). The ground level will feature an open layout that may be used either as a gallery for client NFTs or as a large leisure space.

There will include offices, meeting rooms, and a conference area on the second floor. Prager Metis intends to use the rooftop, which is located on the building’s third story, as a venue for public gatherings and live performances.

“The digital world is growing at a quick rate, and while many regards the metaverse as the Wild West, it is actually the reverse and contains complicated rules and regulations that both businesses and individuals need to comply with,” said Jerry Eitel, Partner of Prager Metis’ Metaverse HQ in Decentraland.

To paraphrase one global accounting and consultancy firm: “We are witnessing every industry and type of business wanting to enter the world of digital assets. With the establishment of our Decentraland office, we hope to become a financial guide for those who need assistance in navigating the Metaverse.

Working with cryptocurrency exchanges, mining firms, investment companies, and technological companies, Prager Metis’ worldwide digital asset branch has been a pioneer in this developing field under the direction of Brian Goldblatt, CPA, an Industry Leader in Digital Assets.

Prager Metis is the firm to turn to for assistance with the myriad tax and accounting concerns that arise in the rapidly expanding virtual world industry.

Businesses should consult with consultants that are well-versed in blockchain and distributed ledger technology because these innovations are altering traditional business practices and will have far-reaching effects on people’s daily lives. remarked Goldblatt.

One of the largest real estate tokenizations in the United States and one of the top five Global NFT firms are just a few of the clients that Prager Metis serves in the digital assets industry from an audit, tax, and consulting perspective.

Prager Metis continues to grow as a market leader in digital assets, and our specialists are always up-to-date on market developments like NFTs and the needs of customers making deals in the metaverse.

The metaverse is quickly becoming a digital duplicate of our physical world,” explains Matt Bond, CEO, and co-founder of Banquet. For the past twelve months, Prager Metis has been fully integrated into this revolutionary new economy and culture.

The digital world will continue to be the next major technology platform and cause a worldwide paradigm shift as long as opportunities in the global metaverse provide important revenue streams from platforms, experiences, and transactions.

To reach its full potential, the metaverse and its inhabitants require the knowledge and tools that Prager Metis can provide.

Prager Metis CPAs’ Partner Jerry Eitel will be in charge of the virtual office. Nearly four decades into his career as an accountant, Eitel now serves as the firm’s real estate practice group leader.

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Explanation of Decentraland

Until now, no other online community has been as decentralized as Decentraland. Powered by DAO, the entity that holds the most valuable smart contracts and assets in Decentraland.

Prager Metis Metaverse

Using the Ethereum blockchain as its foundation, Decentraland is a piece of software that aims to financially reward a distributed group of people for managing a virtual community. Users of Decentraland can purchase and sell virtual property in addition to exploring, conversing, and playing games in the virtual environment.

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The Story of Prager Metis

Prager Metis, an affiliate of Prager Metis International, LLC, is one of the nation’s fastest-growing accounting and advisory firms, offering a full spectrum of accounting, audit, tax, consulting, and international services from its headquarters in New York City and its offices in North America, Europe, and Asia. A Top 40 Accounting Firm, Prager Metis has received widespread acclaim.

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About Banquet

In the blockchain industry, Banquet is a metaverse studio that provides capital, development, management, and marketing for projects with significant cultural significance. There have been tens of thousands of participants in the Banquet’s virtual experiences in 2021.

The 20,000 Mana ($75,000) they spent on a gold “Airspace” puffy jacket set a new record for the year’s largest sale of a wearable item in the metaverse.

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