Tim Sweeney: Epic Will Take on Apple and Google in a Battle to Preserve the Open Metaverse


The parent firm of Fortnite, Epic Games, views the game more and more as an open ecosystem where other developers can distribute their stuff. Every month, around 70 million gamers enter its digital environment in order to compete in the game’s “Battle Royale” mode.

However, the addition of virtual concerts, talk shows, and the capacity to simply hang out with pals has elevated Fortnite to a status beyond that of a simple video game. Any real-time 3D demands that a customer may have can be powered by the Unreal Engine.

Tim Sweeney

In our view, this presents an opportunity for businesses to begin bringing the physical things they sell into the realm of digital commerce.

Players were able to test out Ferrari’s newest supercar in Fortnite at the same time as the real-life version was being introduced into the real world. It was a delightful digital adventure that mirrored the actual world in its own unique way.

The perspective held by Epic is that all businesses operating within the technology industry should be required to compete on an even playing field. Apple as a company was able to win fairly in one area, but it then used that position to its advantage to obtain an unfair advantage over competitors and in other markets.

The presence of competition will reduce payment processing rates from their current level of 30 percent to a level that is very competitive with the industry standard of 2 to 3 percent.

The next iteration of the digital medium that we all interact in is called the Metaverse, and it is characterized by the merging of the real world with the virtual world. You go out and spend your hard-earned money on a hot pink Ferrari, and when you get back to the metaverse, you already have it.

In our view, this will become the primary entertainment medium that bridges the gap between people no matter where they are or what they are doing. In addition, they are striving to make a contribution to the standards and practices that will eventually result in the creation of an open platform.

At the moment, Meta does not have a monopoly on any of the core businesses in which Epic competes or intends to compete, nor does it have a big user base in any of those core businesses.

Tim Sweeney

On the other hand, there is an advertising economy that is wholly governed by them; this advertising economy is not an open advertising economy and displays all of the characteristics associated with a completely enclosed ecosystem.

In order for Meta to successfully bridge the gap between its existing practices and its future vision, a significant amount of effort is going to be required on its part. I believe that there is yet another significant component that is at play here.

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If you look at the history of the iPhone, Android, and early social networks, you’ll see that all of the major brands were tricked into turning over control of their consumer connections to these corporations.

The encouraging news is that all of these companies, as well as software developers and other participants in the ecosystem, will not be fooled again.

Apple is currently participating in a strange plan that it had no right to develop in the first place. What we have right now is a collection of metaverse antecedents that are not connected to one another, despite the fact that many of them are becoming more economically independent of one another.

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The circumstance that we find ourselves in feels very much like the shift to the internet in the middle of the 1990s.

TS: In order to make all of our systems compatible with one another, we will have to convert our proprietary technology so that it uses open standards, file formats, and networking protocols.

At this time, we have distinct apps installed on your computer in order to operate Roblox and Fortnite.

In the not-too-distant future, I believe that something more akin to a metaverse browser will become available. This browser will refer to the appropriate standard, allowing users to access any experience available in the metaverse.

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In the next decade or two, I do not believe that this form of medium will become increasingly integrated into the lives of people. In my opinion, going as far as a lot of science fiction literature did in this sense is quite an ambitious goal to set for yourself.

At least not in the next twenty years, the future won’t be all that dissimilar to the present. We are not going to attach our heads to some kind of machine in order to practice meditation while our consciousness is a part of a computer-generated environment.

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