Top 16 Metaverse Games To Play In 2022!


In 2022, the Metaverse will be all the rage. It’s natural for gamers to desire a piece of this online world when there are so many people already using it. Whether you’re using an Oculus Quest 2 or a computer, you can connect to the Metaverse.

Players in search of the finest games available in the Metaverse need to look no further. To help you out, I have produced a list of the top Metaverse games that will be available in the year 2022. We’ll need to get down to business, so round up your gadgets.

16 Best Metaverse Games for 2022

This post will not only list the top Metaverse games, but I will also explain what they are and why they are so popular. But if you’d rather view them all at once, you can utilize the table down below.

The Sandbox

In 2012, Arthur Madrid and Sébastien Borget, both of France’s Pixelowl, released Sandbox, a smartphone game. It’s another platform where people produce content and then own it through blockchain and smart contracts, with the users represented by block-like configurable avatars.

Top Metaverse Game

Sandbox offers three primary items. With VoxEdit, you can model anything from an avatar to a car to a plant to an animal to a tool. Sandbox’s second offering, the Marketplace, is where you can take your inventions and put them up for sale.

The end result is a program called Game Maker, which allows people to make 3D games without having to learn how to code. To play in the Sandbox, you’ll need Sand, the primary kind of cash there. Land and estates (groups of lands) can be purchased and sold in the Sandbox. You may also choose to list these assets on the Open Sea NFT exchange.

Axie Infinity

Vietnamese new venture In 2018, Sky Mavis released Axie Infinity. This game, clearly influenced by Pokemon, lets you breed, nurture, gather, and trade fictional animals called Axies. Over 500 different parts of each creature’s body can be altered. Depending on the parentage of the Axies, their kids may inherit unique abilities and traits.

Top Metaverse Game

Axies can fight other Axies for rewards or go on treasure hunts to find hidden items. You can purchase land and build houses for your Axies to inhabit using the tools available in the game world.

In this game, virtual pets and other objects can be purchased with NFTs, or digital certificates of ownership backed by the blockchain and used to track transactions and prove ownership. Tokens can be acquired in a number of ways, including by finding scholars or people to whom players can give three of their Axies.

Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) are the primary medium of exchange in the game. Meanwhile, winning battles and completing tasks rewards players with smooth love potion tokens, or SLPs. Tokens of both the AXS and SLP types are required in order to breed Axies.


Sandbox game Roblox will work fine without a virtual reality headset. The popularity of this gaming platform has skyrocketed in recent years, and it continues to serve as a second home for millions.

In Roblox, players may design their own blocky avatars and explore a vast selection of games. Over 500,000 games are available on Roblox, and you may find them organized in a wide variety of genres.

Top Metaverse Game

Roblox features a wide variety of games, including some of the most intense action games and the most terrifying Horror games ever created. More than that, Roblox has roleplaying servers where gamers can get together and act out fictional scenarios as their characters.

A virtual wedding and subsequent virtual family can be established in a Roblox home. You can start playing a simple but entertaining Metaverse game right now by visiting Roblox.

Star Atlas

If our universe is a vast metaverse, then space is just another realm in it. Space mining, development, and exploration are at the heart of the Star Atlas project. Players take their starships and crews into deep space to fulfill missions and gather resources.

Top Metaverse Game

Star Atlas’s tradable items are NFTs, therefore they can be bought and sold on the Solana blockchain. Star Atlas’ release date is presently planned for 2022, and players can monitor its progress using a live roadmap.


Fortnite, by Epic Games, is a game that I am sure you are familiar with. Once a Battle Royale, this hit game has morphed into a portal to the Metaverse. Fortnite has evolved into an experience that can be had, not just played, over the course of its existence.

Top Metaverse Game

A lot of new features have been implemented, from making a black hole to releasing a limited number of Fortnite Impostors. But the biggest breakthrough into the Metaverse has been full-scale live concerts staged inside Fortnite.

You must have seen Travis Scott in concert or been around when Marshmello was in Fortnite if you are an experienced player. The game is gradually becoming a Metaverse one as a result of occurrences like this.

With their drop-in characters, players can do more than just play the game; they can also communicate with one another and take part in special events like these. Are you interested in learning more? CEO of Epic Games Tim Sweeney has lately spoken about the Metaverse, describing it as a multi-trillion dollar possibility.

Horizon Worlds

Meta has recently been a major proponent of the idea of a “Metaverse” (formerly Facebook). Therefore, the company’s own app serves as a major point of entry into the Metaverse.

Top Metaverse Game

The app, aptly titled “Horizon Worlds,” is designed to facilitate social interaction among those who use Meta. Within the app’s virtual world, users are free to roam at will, connect with one another, and challenge themselves with a variety of interactive puzzles and action-packed activities.

To add to that, people can make their own worlds in Horizon Worlds and have fun while doing so. Horizon Worlds is a mobile software that combines elements of gaming and social networking by letting you create an avatar and have it communicate with other users in your place.

Horizon Worlds for the Quest 2 is a great choice if you want to experience a game similar to the one described.


Sorare utilizes the Ethereum blockchain to create a football NFT experience. Sorare has verified over 180 football clubs, and more are signing up every week.

You can buy cards on Sorare and put them to use in your fantasy leagues. Points are awarded to cardholders based on the actual on-field performance of the athletes depicted. The top teams each week would be rewarded with the opportunity to design fresh playing cards.

Top Metaverse Game

One of the most financially successful metaverse games, Sorare, has just announced a Series B investment of around $680 million. The fact that renowned game developer Ubisoft has created a game with NFTs made on Sorare is another proof of the platform’s success.

When it comes to metaverse games available today, Sorare is one of the most accessible. Logging into Sorare only requires an email address to get started. Debit/credit cards and bank transfers were accepted payment methods for the acquisition of Sorare NFT cards. Plus, you can get your hands on a Sorare NFT card in more than 40 different nations.

Second Life

The online game Second Life has been around for a very long period, making it a veteran of the Metaverse. Players can make an avatar and live a second life in the virtual world by using this online platform. Residents of the virtual world of Second Life can be made to look just like the real players who inhabit the game.

Second Life provides its users with the opportunity to immerse themselves in the Metaverse by interacting with other avatars, going to events, and even temporarily re-creating their lives.

Top Metaverse Game

There’s more, though. People in Second Life can purchase, sell, and trade a wide variety of virtual goods and services within the game’s official virtual marketplace. Linden dollars, the currency used in these dealings, must be purchased with real money.

Virtual goods include everything from a couch and a car to a house and a wardrobe. Second Life is a popular option for those looking for a Metaverse game that offers a realistic simulation of everyday life and the ability to conduct business in a virtual environment.


As of the year 2021, Minecraft had over 238 million copies sold and nearly 140 million active users, making it the best-selling online game of all time. Although Axie Infinity is the most well-known example of a game with a play-to-earn mechanic, Minecraft is an essential addition to any list of metaverse games.

Top Metaverse Game

Having been the most well-known sandbox universe for so long gave it an early foothold in the growing metaverse game market, even before the concept of the metaverse was widely discussed in the media or amongst business professionals.

The Minecraft player base can compete against each other or the game’s core. They can work together or simply have a social-building session. However, the most exciting part of Minecraft is found in the Creative mode, where players can design their own maps and games and then share them with friends.

The game’s open world allows players to engage in a variety of activities, including the building of structures and earthworks (including roads, dams, canals, and hills), the creation of consumables and simple machines, and the gathering and trading of raw materials.

Players can engage in friendly competition by constructing models out of Minecraft blocks in a variety of minigames like Build Battle.

Chain of Alliance

Top Metaverse Game

In 2020, players were introduced to Chain of Alliance, another role-playing fantasy game where players may create their own unique creatures and assign them NFT value. For each round, you can use a roster of up to eight players. Your chances of winning will increase if you pick the best players and give them the best equipment.


VRChat is a great substitute for Horizon Worlds if it is blocked in your country. This Metaverse game is based on a community debut in 2014. Since then, it’s made its way to a variety of devices, most recently the Oculus Quest 2.

This Metaverse game allows players to create their own 3D avatars and communicate with others in a variety of realms based on VRChat reality. VRChat’s avatars can be as goofy or as serious as the user wants them to be, and they can even combine elements from different media.

Top Metaverse Game

The gameplay of VRChat is comparable to that of Horizon Worlds, however as it has been around for so long, it currently offers more options. In VRChat, there are infinite worlds to explore, each one unique and stunning in its own way.

Most of these universes are the product of user creation, and as such are limited only by the imagination of the person who made them. In addition, VRChat’s avatars can display a wide range of expressions thanks to the software’s support for nearly all motion.

Many players who are interested in entering the Metaverse have stuck with VRChat for a long time.

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Finally, we have Revomon, a metaverse game that competes with Axie Infinity for the top spot among NFT-based collecting monster games. It’s not debatable that Revomon is superior to Axie because of its cutting-edge 3D visuals and compatibility with both mobile devices and virtual reality headsets (Oculus).

Top Metaverse Game

The gameplay is similar to that of a virtual reality version of Pokemon, in which users capture and train monsters before summoning them to battle other players’ creations. The game’s blockchain and DeFi features are what set it apart from the Pokemon series.

Revomon is a play-to-earn metaverse game in which users can network, cooperate, buy and sell assets, train to become monster trainers, receive rewards for defeating mobs, and then sell their collected monsters in the NFT market.

Each token holder in the Revomon ecosystem has a voice in shaping the future of the system, the game, and the content it contains because it operates as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

Axes Metaverse: Battle Royale

Azur Games, one of the most prominent mobile game companies in the world, has developed a blockchain-based (Binance Smart Chain) meta-universe called Axes Metaverse. The creators want to provide gamers with a one-of-a-kind gaming experience by giving them more control over the game through the use of blockchain technologies.

Top Metaverse Game

The goal of the game is to see how long you can last as an NFT character in an ever-shrinking arena. Playing characters can be shifted between game modes, leveled up, and traded in the market.

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Super Galactic

The first game from UFO Gaming, Super Galactic, lets players earn real money while adventuring in a virtual universe made for discovering new worlds and dimensions.

Top Metaverse Game

While trying out different tournaments, you can mint new NFTs and stake them for a chance to win money.

World of Warcraft

Top Metaverse Game

The largest MMORP in the world is also the most popular in the Metaverse. Those looking for a game in which they may immerse themselves in a digital environment will find a lot to do and enjoy in this one.

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Sensorium Galaxy

Sensorium Galaxy is an innovative digital metaverse created by leading creatives, producers, and media conglomerates from around the globe. This metaverse, still in development, features numerous worlds, each of which serves as a focal point for a particular genre of activities.

When it comes to music and other forms of entertainment, PRISM is the best place to start in Sensorium Galaxy. This is where users of the metaverse may experience first-ever virtual reality (VR) concerts from famous performers like David Guetta, Steve Aoki, Armin van Buuren, and many more.

Top Metaverse Game

By fusing cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR) technology with top-tier entertainment content in a virtual reality galaxy, Sensorium is able to provide an unparalleled multisensory experience that extends to its other worlds, such as MOTION, which will host mindfulness and self-exploration, encouraging the attainment of higher levels of knowledge.

Sensorium Galaxy’s SENSO in-platform money is a key component since it uses blockchain technology to fuel a decentralized economy that is fair, transparent, and user-owned. This token can be used for a wide variety of purposes, such as the creation of new avatars, the purchase of event tickets, and the creation of new content.

Earlier this year, we announced that our metaverse would be migrating to the Wakatta blockchain in order to facilitate faster transactions (30 times faster than Ethereum), lower transaction costs (to around $0.001), and support a greater number of activities within the Sensorium Galaxy marketplace.

Moreover, Wakatta will integrate the SENSO token of Sensorium Galaxy into the Polkadot ecosystem, providing enhanced market liquidity for SENSO token holders.

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