Zuckerberg Will Continue Metaverse Plans: He Stated, “Skepticism Doesn’t Really Bother Me


Mark Zuckerberg, chief executive officer of Meta, stated, “skepticism doesn’t bother me all that much.” He expressed continued optimism regarding the metaverse. During the Wednesday New York Times DealBook Summit, he stated that he has a “5- to 10-year Horizon.” Mark Zuckerberg’s decision to rebrand Facebook as Meta became the global buzzword for the metaverse’s rising popularity.

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He stated that the company is doubling down on its bet on a future dominated by augmented and virtual reality and acknowledged that it has received a great deal of criticism for losing billions in developing its version of the metaverse.

Due to macroeconomic laws that compelled Meta to reduce spending, he acknowledged that the organization will need to operate with greater discipline and efficiency in the future.

Meta Metaverse Plans

In 2021, Facebook announced a $10 billion investment in the development of the metaverse and changed its name to Meta. The program would enable users to communicate with their digital avatars with their friends, families, and coworkers.

Experts have predicted that the metaverse would permeate various market spaces and businesses in the future when industries will proliferate.

The revenue will continually increase. Meta was the first to initiate, but experts now believe that Meta will destroy the metaverse for everyone. Facebook claims it wants to help fix the pervasive misinformation on the internet, a problem it may have contributed to in the first place.

In addition to augmented reality, virtual reality, and social media platforms, the reality laboratories at Meta are devoted to the development and investigation of metaverse-related initiatives.

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Zuckerberg stated that Meta is devoting 80% of its work to developing the company’s legacy suite of social media applications, which includes WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and several others.

The remaining twenty percent of the time is spent building software and hardware for the metaverse. “Skepticism doesn’t bother me too much,” said the billionaire CEO of a company that has invested heavily in metaverse development. He added, “there were doubters the entire time.”

Zuckerberg Will Continue Metaverse Plans

Meta Horizon World

Prior to the release of Meta Quest 2 two years ago, the majority of VR users spent their time alone. The majority of time is now spent on social and multiplayer applications.

Now, Facebook Meta has announced the construction of Meta Horizon Worlds in the web’s metaverse section, allowing you to eventually use your smartphone or computer to visit friends who are hanging out in virtual reality and vice versa. In addition, we disclosed new social concepts that we are creating with the YouTube VR team. Soon, Meta Horizon Home users will be able to watch YouTube videos with their friends.

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Facebook Meta showcased a new generation of expressive and detailed Meta Avatars for the metaverse, as well as full-body avatars in VR, which will debut in Meta Horizon Worlds. In addition to virtual reality, the Facebook Meta is integrating avatars into video chat, beginning with Messenger and WhatsApp, so you can express yourself and react without turning on your camera.

Mark Zuckerberg will pursue Metaverse plans regardless of the outcome, with or without staff.

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